CUPRA kicked off the season by winning the Dubai 24 Hours, the first motorsport event of the year in which it competed and which is suitable for the 24 Hours Series Championship. TOPCAR Sport team with CUPRA TCR won the TCR category of this challenging race. More than 50 teams took part in this classic endurance competition; 12 did so in the TCR category, including four CUPRAs.

The TOPCAR Sport team and its riders, Fabian Danz, Adrian Spesha, Patrick Sing, Ronnie Yost and Benjamin Leuchter qualified in sixth position but soon reached first places. Throughout the race, they fought hard to win with Autorama Motorsport Team Wolf-Power Racing, the reigning champion of the 24 Hour Series, but TOPCAR Sport was unbeatable with the CUPRA TCR, finishing first after a third of the race. The drivers took advantage of their advantage flawlessly and won the TCR category with a lap lead over two Volkswagen Golf GTs from the Autorama Motorsport team.

“I am very happy to have won this victory. Our car behaved perfectly, there were no problems and we had a good race. However, this is never easy. At night, you ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" But it's worth it. I'm very happy, ”said Fabian Danz, one of the team's pilots.

The winner was not the only CUPRA TCR in the race: BBR - Monlau Competición finished sixth, Zengo Motorsport seventh (among its participants was Gabor Kismarty-Lechner, CUPRA Leon Competición driver in WTCR in 2020) and Red Camel -, one of the most competitive teams in the championship, faced challenges that lowered it to ninth place in the TCR.

The next stage of the championship will be "12 hours of Mugello", which will be held from 26 to 27 March on the classic Italian track.

TCR Results

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

1. TOPCAR Sport No. 131 - Fabian Danz / Adrian Spesha / Patrick Sing / Ronnie Yost / Benjamin Leuchter (CUPRA TCR) 543 laps.

2. Autorama Motorsport # 112 - Kari-Pekka Laaksonen / Gustavo Xavier / Jasmine Preisig / Miklas Born (Volkswagen Golf) + 1 lap

3. Autorama Motorsport # 1 - Emil Heyerdahl / Marlon Menden / Jerome Ohgay / Constantin Kletzer (Volkswagen Golf GTI) + 8 laps


6. BBR-Monlau Competición # 107 - Anusorn Asiralertsiri / Chariya Nuya / Kantadhee Kusiri / Kantasak Kusiri / Tanart Sathienthirakul) (CUPRA TCR) +50 laps

7. Zengo Motorsport # 133 (Zoltan Zengo / Csaba Tot / Gabor Kismarty-Lechner / Tamas Horvat / Szabolcs Gal - (CUPRA TCR) + 64 laps

9. Red Camel-Jordans # 101 - Willem Meyer / Ivo Breakers / Henry Littig / Stephen Likorish (CUPRA TCR) + 105 laps